Boat Trip

Creating memories for life

The Boat Trip departs from the jetty at Røst Bryggehotel. We are leaving the pier at approximately 14:00. (Deviations may occur. We will then contact you if we can. Please give us a valid phone number when booking, just in case.) If the ferry changes its schedule then Day @ Sea will change its departure time accordingly, so that you don't have to worry about catching the trip.

After a short briefing at the pier, we head west towards the bird-cliffs leaving the civilization behind. Along the way, you get to know the most common seabird species and some of their special adaptions to the environment. You will also get told the history of the place, both the accepted version and what's beyond.

At the last solid rocks sticking above the sea, we find the Skomvær Lighthouse. If the sea isn't too rough, we go ashore. Skomvær was a thriving micro-community for almost 90 years. This little island has a lot of history and stories. 

Today Røst Air uses the place in the summertime. Røst Air is an artist in residency project that will be our hosts during our stay at the island.

After a short visit ashore we start heading back towards Røst. On the way back you get to hear the story about a spectacular shipwreck in the 13th century that changed the future of the whole region. 

The journey ends at Røst Bryggehotell where it started. Normally the trip takes between two and four hours.



You might where whatever you like as long as it is not offending to the other passengers on board. We do though recommend to dress for the activity you expect to do and for a temperature of at least ten degrees celsius lower than the temperature you expect it to be. Two layers of clothing are a minimum. One wind and rain blocking layer and one isolating layer.


If you decide that you won't make the trip you have booked and tell us before the departure, then we will refund your ticket 95%. Then we will not refund the 5% that the booking system provider charges us for every payment. If you try to contact us upfront and can't get through to us then we will still refund your 95%, so don't worry. If no-show without trying to contact us, then we charge 100% (no refund).


If Day @ Sea or the weather-conditions cancels or delay departure, making it impossible to join we will re-book or refund you 100%. Olsens Day at Sea do not cover any cost or loss of income other than what you have paid for to directly to Olsens Day at Sea. 



Rather than cancelling bookings, we prefer re-booking to other available dates witch is free of charge.

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