Trinacrian Mindscape image of Trenyken

Theres a cave called "Hell"

This is a archeological site, closed to the public. But I, Finn Olav Olsen have been granted permission to lead a small exclusive group of guest to this ones sacred place. You'll get to know the facts we know from the arkeological science and a theory that might make this location the key to unlock a totally new way of understanding some key pieces in the origins of our Western Civilization. 

To have permission is unfortunately only one obstacle. Weather and landing-conditions is another. There is no garanty that the conditions will be good enough to go ashore at the date available. If not, we go ashore at a nearby island with better landing condition where you also get to heir the story about Pietro Querini.

The cave

Carved out by the ocean more than 30000 years ago. On this unike location making it a natural Cathedral for ancient civilisations. 

The archeology

Paintings and animal bones tells us that man used this site for rituales 3600 years ago.

The "Odyssey Borealis"

A wild and almost unbelievable theory that connects this site to the books written by Homer 2800 years ago.