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Customized Experience

Book the entire boat with crew and design your own tour.

Looking for the little extra or just want to be extra precautious. Then this is the perfect choice for you. You can choose one of the tours above or we can create something outside this frame just for You. Some suggestions are listed below. 


This offer is open as long as no tickets have been reserved on the actual date. Book early!


Day @ Sea partners rents out fishing-equipment and has facilities where you can take care of and store your catch. 

Storm Petrols

A trip specially designed to catch some glimpse of this extremely rare bird.

Cave Trip

A trip to the cave on Trenyken is a ones in a lifetime experience. If the conditions are right and you can cross some rough terrain then this is a memory for life.

Beach Picnic

Beautiful white beaches and clear ice cold water. Pickup of groceries and charcoal on the way and you have the perfect island picnic.

Top Tour

Day @ Sea bring you to the tallest island on Røst: Storfjellet riseing 259 meters from the sea. Self guiding tour to the top with a astonishing view.


Day @ Sea do not have equipment or expertise in diving, but we do have the boat to get you to locations to dive on.

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