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Puffin pic taken by Day @ Sea

Seabird Safari

Experience a boat-tour through the archipelago of Røst with the still huge remains of the ones breathtaking seabird colonies. A tour packed with seabirds like Puffins, and White Tail Eagles, Shags, Guillemots, Razorbills, Black Guillemots and Kittiwakes. At the outermost point we take a brake at Skomvaer Lighthouse before ve head back looking at more birds. For the specially interested I recommend "customized experience" to watch Fulmars, Storm Petrols and Great Skua.


Ones it estimated that 4000000 pairs of puffins where breading on Røst


Due to overfishing and natural climat changes has the puffins ben unable to feed up chickens effectively sins 1969.


It is estimated that the Puffins can get 70 years old. This is the reason that they still exist.

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